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Cheri has always been active with sports, playing competitive soccer and basketball for over 15 years. After moving from Chicago to San Diego in 2016, she found Xplicit through ClassPass. The first class she went to was GRID – she got hooked! During this time, she was making a mid life career change from the 9 to 5 desk job to becoming a personal trainer. When we knew how serious she was about fitness, we jumped on her to become a part of our family. She is now an ACE certified personal trainer and a proud addition to the Xplicit Team.

“I thought about what I looked forward to in my day and 90% of the time, it was my workout. Whether it was going to the gym, going to a class, playing basketball, or going on a run outside, it was never something I dreaded. I want to impact people in such a way that they have that same mentality. Even if it’s for just a hour, it’s going to be a mental and physical high and you’ll be so proud of the work you achieved when you leave.”

When she’s not at Xplicit, you can catch her trail running, running on Mission Bay boardwalk to the ocean, or Netflix and chillin’.