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NASM and AFAA certified personal trainer who has been training since 2012. Her love for fitness began at an early age and included: dance, hockey, and cheerleading. Once she got to college at the University of Arizona, she began to explore the gym and wanting to avoid the dreaded “Freshman 15.”  In that first year she lost 20 lbs. This was the true start of her fitness-filled lifestyle. After graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science, Teresa moved to San Diego, where she hired her first personal trainer.

During this time, she developed a love of bodybuilding, and a new appreciation for working out. She trained along side of some of the best female bodybuilders in the country, and learned so much about how to do things safely, and effectively.  This experience inspired her to become a personal trainer herself, and that’s exactly what she did!
Since 2014, she has worked with many clients as a trainer, coach, and mentor, leading them to success.
Teresa can be found at Xplicit Fitness teaching boxing fusion classes, and training clients one-on-one. Her favorite Xplicit workout is the GRID (you might even see her jump into a class on the weekends!)