NASM CPT, Matrix Master Instructor

With over 15 years of fitness experience, he has acquired the knowledge and skills required to be at the forefront of the professional fitness industry. After becoming a certified personal trainer through NASM in 2006, Chad quickly established myself as one of the top trainers at the acclaimed California central coast health club, Kennedy Club Fitness. Launching a fitness boxing program later that year, his classes soon became a popular and entertaining way to get an amazing work out. One thing was missing, however; he lacked the experience to take advanced students to the next level. With plenty of boxing training, but no fight experience under his belt, Chad put the business on hold and pursued his own career.

Today he is a 2008 California Golden Glove champion, carrying a 1-0 professional fight record after a unanimous decision win in his pro boxing debut on Aug. 20 2009. Now he’s back with the knowledge and ability to take students as far as they wish to go. The goal is to motivate and educate individuals with passion to learn and achieve professional athletic ability.

Its all about intensity and discipline. There are no quick fixes, miracle creams, wonder diets, or magic pills. Goals are achieved through hard work and dedication.

He is by no means a drill instructor, will not scream at you or demean your character, but he never gives less than 100% in his own training and expect no less from students. Pushing physical and mental boundaries, while staying controlled and safe, is the only way to achieve one’s true potential.

We must start from the ground up, assessing weaknesses. Then, corrective measures have to be taken in nutrition, flexibility, lifestyle, and mental resolve as well as exercise technique in order to become an elite performance machine. Approach is more mental than physical, at least 80% of boxing is psychological. Our goal is to help others break their walls down and discover ones true potential.

“The raw, primal animal that’s fueled by adrenaline is in all of us. It’s time to open the cage and let it out. My program has been developed through trial and error, blood, sweat, and broken bones. What I have created is a dynamic, integrated, and unconventional program. It’s designed to advance one safely to a level that no opponent can compete with. For those who join my program and learn these skills, their lives will never be the same.”

View my fight to see what I will be passing on to you! Prepare to achieve greatness!